Thanks Note
Dear Friends,
   Thank you all once again for making the 5th CNMA Christmas & New Year Celebration another memorable event. The huge turnout this year and the active participation from all our members in all the activities made it a big success!. Congratulations to all the participants for presenting some outstanding kids group song & dance performances!!. In addition DJ Bat exceeded our expectations.This email is pretty long, but please find some time to read it completely till the end.
Yuletide Magic 2019 Dinner:
                           Many of our friends came and gave us immediate feedback on our Yuletide Magic 2019 Dinner.Thank you all for the responses we received.All these responses exceeded our expectations.Your feedback matters a lot.That is the greatest satisfaction which makes all the effort worthwhile.Each one of our members in the team for the Dinner worked tirelessly to make it one of the best!. Mr.Emil Sebastian who took the lead in this effort did an incredible job.He took care of each and every aspect of preparing this Grand Feast.There were many road blocks in preparing of the food at this Magnitude. Starting from buying and sorting ingredients to cook and making sure everything is prepared and served on time. It was really a big challenge.But with the help from many our friends this was made possible.The Serving & Dinner arrangements lead Mr.Dileep Radhakrishnan did a marvelous job with the help of Maneesh, George, Sumesh, Manoj, KK, Efby, Manikandan, Shinod , Bonnie, Linsu and Sreevidya.Special Thanks to Sajith who put a lot of effort in making all the beautiful food counter posters.
Please see the below list of CNMA's Chefs who helped making this Dinner Grand Feast!.
Dish    Main Chef
Cutlet (Non-Veg) Linsu
Cutlet (Veg) Shinod
Pazham Pori Santhima Pratheesh
Kerala Porotta George
Vellayappam Soorya, Anju Gulshan, Reega
Kappa Bonnie Francis
Veg Stew Srividya
Paneer Butter Masala Divya
Veg Biriyani Santhima Pratheesh
Chicken Biriyani Santhima Pratheesh
Chicken Mulakittathu Smitha Abraham
Beef Roast Soumini
Duck Roast Sajith
Pork Fry Nimble Emil
Egg Curry Swapna Rahul
Fich Curry Vineetha Sajith
Mulaku Chmmanthy Sajith
Dessert Swapna Rahul, Linsu
Pappadam Maneesh, George
Salad George
Pickle Emil
Tea Sundaram, Soorya
Kids Dinner Srividya
Mr. Arun Purushothaman - DJ Bat did a fantastic job . He came from Minneapolis for entertaining us. Thank you for making everyone step with the beats and rhythm which took us to the peak of fun and enjoyment.Special thanks to Soumini, Subhash, Vineeth and Sreejith for supporting Arun for this event as memorable.
Yuletide Magic 2019 - Right & Left Conveners:
Mr.Johnson Jacob and Mr. Maneesh Mukundan, they are the right and left handlers of Yuletide magic 2019. They did an excellent work taking an overall control of each and every thing including getting sponsorship even in late night.
Yuletide Magic 2019 - Venue Manager:
As you all know, Venue finding and handling not a simple job. Mr. George Joseph he did a marvelous job for this which contributed a lot to the success of the event.In addition to that, we got his help in each and every aspect of this event.
Yuletide Magic 2019 - Decoration Team:
Sreevidya, Swapna, Linsu, Vineetha and Santhima they did a marvelous job creating beautiful decoration items including photo booth and selfie corner which splashed colors to our event. Special thanks to Srividya for making an awesome Pulkkoodu.
Yuletide Magic 2019 - Finance Management:
Mr. Rahul Nair , he is the Treasurer of Chicago North Malayalee Association. He is taking all the finance related responsibility from start to end and he put a lot of effort in making this event a memorable one.
CNMA - Cultural events:
Team Nakshatra is CNMA's own ladies team and they did beautiful fusion dance as part of Yuletide Magic.Thanks to all for an incredible job . In Addition, Special thanks to Susan Abraham, CNMA Kids ( Gurnee & other locations ) did yet another fantastic job. Hats off to them.
Christmas Caroling at Individual Residences:
Thanks to all who supported us for making Carol at individuals residence an ever memorable one. Special Thanks to the three Santas we had Mr. Rahul Kurup, Mr. Dileep and Mr. Johnson. Thanking all those who invited us to their home and also for the delicious food. Big thanks to Sajith and Family for the winding up party with homemade food, cake and wine.
Congratulations to all the winners of Photography & Cake contests!.
Photography Contest Winners:
  1st Prize  : Vineeth Ravi Kumar
  2nd Prize : Priya Rajeev, Reshma Sushil
Cake Contest Winners :
   1st Prize : Rakha Vineeth, Priya Rajeev
   Consolation Prizes : Vineetha Sajith, Supriya Nair, Sharada, Rahul nambiar Gowri
Special Thanks to the following individuals whose help & support made this years CNMA Christmas & New Year Celebration a flawless and successful event.
George Joseph                   Overall venue arrangements
Divya Pillai                   MC
Anju Gulshan         Front Desk
Smitha Abraham               Front Desk
Sumesh , Manikandan Snacks counter incharge
Shinod Kunnatheeri, Rahul Nambiar             Photos & Videos
Neema Shemeel                   Design main poster
Helloinfinity Business Solutions, Kerala, India   Design photography posters
Rahul Kurup     Santa Claus
Johnson Jacob                     Organize Photography contest, Cake Baking Contest
Linsu, Sunil Mathew, Bonnie Francis Photography & Cake Contest setup
Sajith Design food count posters
Shemeel Social Media Publicity
MC - Mrs. Divya Pillai did a great job by compering the event very well and kudos to the whole team for completing everything right on time!.Overall another memorable event!!.
There are many more individuals who provided unconditional help & support. Thanks to everyone!!.
Thanks to Shinod Kunnatheeri & Rahul Nambiar for the beautiful pictures.
Wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2020!.
Best Regards,
On behalf of Chicago North Malayalee Association